Doing our bit

We feel privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the countryside and lucky to be able to share our home with friends – old and new. However we also feel a responsibility: towards our community and to the planet.

We are increasingly aware of both global concerns and our local environment and recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment has to be closely linked. We have decided to up our conscious consumerism and make sustainability the heart of all our personal and business decisions. No longer is ‘doing our bit’ about hushing our social guilt; it is about making informed decisions that help our local communities and preserve and protect the environment.

Coaltown Coffee

our breakfast coffee is from a local Carmarthenshire roastery which focuses on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world. Coaltown roaster was built to bring an industry back to the hometown of the owner. All of their coffee is roasted and packed at the roaster in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, where local people are employed. Ammanford is a former mining community where anthractite coal (Black Gold) fuelled the local economy. However in 2003 the last of the collieries closed bringing with it a slow demise with high unemployment. Coaltown’s ambition is to return a thriving industry to to Ammanford and get the town producing a new form of Black Gold in the form of coffee.


We try where possible to grow our own fruit and vegetables but when vegetables are not in season we buy them directly from Chris Thomas in Carmarthenshire, a local, family owned business.
Myddfai Trading Company

Myddfai Toiletries

These are luxury toiletries with a social conscience providing employment and volunteering opportunities within the local community. Profits are used for rural regeneration within the surrounding area and work experience is given to adults with learning difficulties. All products are innovative and environmentally friendly whilst not sacrifice any of the luxury. All products are SLS, Paraben and cruelty free.

Bethesda Farm Meats

Bethesda Farm Meats
Bethesda Farm & Coffee Shop is a small family run farm shop in Bethesda, some 2 miles from Three Wells B&B. Their aim is not only to supply a quality produce but one which is locally produced and fully traceable.
Current sustainability
• Soap and shampoo are in refillable bottles so that we don’t add to the single use plastic epidemic
• Old towels and sheets are repurposed into cleaning rags for use around our home
• Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and sheets to reduce water and detergent consumption
• All paper, glass and metal are recycled and all food waste is composted
• Water butts are used to save water for garden use and avoid using the tap and hose pipe
• All produce is bought locally or in Carmarthenshire where Helen works, meaning she can collect items regularly without making additional car journeys thus reducing our carbon footprint
• We grow our own vegetables wherever possible without the aid of any chemicals and having a yearly calendar of planting
• Our towels and sheets are all organic cotton
• We use an outdoor clothes line for laundry of sheets and towels – we do not have a tumble drier.
• Natural cleaning products are used
Our plans for increased sustainability in the future:
• Produce our own eggs by having chickens
• Reduce our refuse to less than one bag a week by buying locally and wisely
• Replace all light bulbs (as they cease working) with eco light bulbs
• Install a water butt on each downpipe of the stable block to water the vegetable patch
• Build larger compost bins from our food waste
• Install solar panels to heat our hot water
• As our natural resources become increasingly depleted, there is more awareness about the need to preserve and protect the environment.
Living in the countryside we see many species of wildlife which we endeavor to protect.
Bats are protected and allowed to roost in and around the stable block. You can see them at dusk hunting for their meal. Seeing the bats catching moths mid air really is quite a sight.
Bees are actively encouraged on the property as we recognise their importance in our diverse eco-system. We have therefore sown wildflowers in our paddock hedgerows and planted a bed of bee friendly plants such as lavender, sage and thyme to encourage them visiting and to provide them with vital pollen. These plants are also useful in cooking and provide a wonderful fragrance when in the garden.
Birds of all types are frequent visitors in the garden and paddock. We maintain thick hedges to encourage them to the property and to provide shelter and nesting materials. We are developing our knowledge of birds spotted in the garden but we would gratefully receive knowledge of any sightings from guests. We do know that we have a family of swifts nesting in stables.
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