COVID-19 Safety Measures

Covid-19 Safety Measures

In order to make your stay as safe as possible in light of the pandemic we have taken the following measures:

  • We will ask you a few questions on arrival about your health as a form of personal risk assessment.
  • There is a sanitizing station in the porch and in the breakfast room with anti-bacterial gel for your hands. Please use this before touching items that others may need to touch.
  • Anti-bacterial gel is also available for you in your room – please take this out with you in the day to keep yourselves safe. It is yours to keep.
  • We have tried to maintain ‘Social Distancing’ where appropriate and possible. For example, whilst we usually like to welcome our guests and chat about their journey and plans, our welcome will now be much shorter. We will give you necessary information and show you to your rooms quickly.
  • We only have three guest rooms and whilst there is no set rule now on the number of people using the Breakfast Room at any one time, we feel it best to limit people’s time within the room. Therefore we will stagger breakfasts with a sitting at 7am, 8am and 9am. We would appreciate it is guests would adhere strictly to these times.
  • Prior to March 2020, we offered a breakfast cooked to order whilst you waited along with a help yourself buffet bar. With new Covid-19 regulations for hospitality areas, we have attempted to minimize our guests’ waiting time and stay in the Breakfast Room. Therefore, as mentioned in your booking confirmation, we now offer a cold breakfast only. We hasten to add however that we have not compromised on taste, quality or local ingredients and we are both proud of the new continental style “Welsh” breakfast we now provide. There will be no buffet bar.
  • Rooms continue to have a selection of teas alongside coffee and sugar however, these are now all individually wrapped items. This goes against our ethos of minimizing waste, however in the current climate we firmly believe that safety comes first.
  • Our home-made marmalades and jams are very popular with guests and they often ask to buy a pot or two to take home. Whilst we have a display of items in the Breakfast Room, we will provide you with actual items to take home from our store cupboard as these will not have been touched by other guests. This is again cross-contamination measure.
  • All bedding and towels are boil washed at 90 degrees.
  • Additional cleaning of high touch areas such as door handles, light switches, bannisters etc will take place throughout the day.
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