Spontaneous Night Out

"What shall we do?"

"Where can we go?"

These were the questions from the audience (aka Helen in the passenger seat).

I had no idea so the "boss" chose to head towards Haverfordwest and the shops. 2 hours and 5 shops later we emerged £100 lighter.

"Hungry?" I asked. "Getting there," was the reply.

Collectively we decided to head towards a direction we hadn't for a long time - Cardigan. What a lovely drive up and over the Preseli mountains as the mist rolled over the hills and grassy wastes. Being outnumbered by sheep isn't a huge surprise but the quantity on the hillside was impressive in the gloom.

We parked up and took in the magnificent and sprawling view. We both remarked it looked very much a "Lake District" scene, all gorse and grasslands. It felt very remote but the satnav confirmed it was just 31 minutes from Three Wells.

We both noticed a sign before our unplanned stop saying "Tafarn Sinc". I was reliably informed it wasn't pronounced "taffen-sink" but rather "tavaarn-sink". I turned the ignition on and did a U-turn to head back from where we came.

After a short ride into the countryside, I noticed a few houses and not much of anything. Then out of the gloom appeared an unassuming building quietly proclaiming its name. We parked and rather self-consciously entered to be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We subsequently found out that the Tafarn Sinc is a pub run by the community and was obviously full to the rafters with locals. But rather than being the Slaughtered Lamb (out of the film 'An American Werewolf in London') it was a little slice of fun and authenticity with cheery patrons and knowledgeable staff.

I had haddock. Helen had salmon. I washed mine down with the golden local ale. Helen had a diet coke. We know who's driving home!

Both meals were excellent as far as pub-grub goes and very reasonably priced.....some may say a bargain of the decade. To cap it off a chap called Noel James made an appearance as the cabaret for the night. Who's Noel James? No idea but the staff said he had had his 5 minutes of fame on Britains Got Talent some time ago. On reflection, his routine is almost the same as the ones you can find on YouTube. We paid and left........

So, Tafarn Sinc - if you are near Haverfordwest or even Llandissilio and Three Wells - well worth a visit.

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