What could you do in 10 hours?

What could you do in 10 hours?

If you were given 10 hours, what could you achieve in that time?  Drive from Swansea to North of Scotland, partake in an Ironman contest, Spring clean the house from top to bottom or complete 3 loads of white washing on the 90-degree setting. I’m sure you can think of far more interesting and entertaining things to while away 10 hours but today I will tell you what I have chosen to do ... make homemade yogurt in our very new yogurt machine.

I have diligently boiled the milk and then waited an inordinately long time for the temperature to drop to 42’. I then added some live yogurt in order to piggyback on the live bio cultures and poured into the 7 glistening jars provided with the machine. All has gone well and the process is relatively simple but now I have to wait. Not 10mins, 30 minutes or even an hour but a whole 10 hours! It seems such a big ask in an era of ‘fast’ such as fast food or Super Fast Broadband for instance!

What could you do in 10 hours?However there is nothing ‘fast’ about making yogurt - it really does take ten whole hours. And not only is the time a big factor but so is the care of the yogurt. These seven little pots of nutrition require pampering - no lifting the lid, no stirring, no sudden cold draughts and absolutely on no account can the pots be knocked or nudged. It all seems rather over the top if you ask me but nevertheless, I am watching them (as that I am allowed to do) with baited breath and great anticipation. I just hope that they live up to expectations and are worthy of the apricot compote that has been made to accompany them especially as the compote was a fast recipe and only took 20mins from start to finish....

Watch out for the update and the results of the taste test on friends at breakfast tomorrow.

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