Amroth and Bertie the Sea Bass

Last night’s jaunt took us to a place I haven’t been for some 40 years - since my parents had a caravan in Pendine. Back then a trip to Amroth was a delight with its long pebble beach and sleepy, roadside cafes. For my parents, I’m sure the allure was the fact that there was no hint of an amusement arcade with its bright, neon lights assaulting the olfactory senses and the parental purse!

There is still no arcade and no cheap seaside shops. Amroth remains a beautiful, calm oasis along the Welsh coast. A lovely place for a stroll or a bite to eat. Last night we ate in the Amroth Arms having set out too late for a fish and chip supper takeaway. The service was great and the staff chatty and more than happy to advise. Our table of four had a cod & chips, a burger, a gammon and I had the most delicious steak and ale pie. It will definitely be a place we return to and will happily recommend to our guests and family.

Strolling back to the car in the dark, the innovative plastic bottle sculpture we had passed on the way of Bertie the Sea Bass took on a whole different dimension. Created to raise awareness of the plastic epidemic in our seas, Bertie sits proudly on the seafront made from sculpted metal and plastic bottles, tethered by fisherman’s ropes. He really is a clever piece of artwork and certainly draws attention to the Clean Seas campaign. However, where most sculptures fade into the darkness at night, Bertie comes to life with light. Hundreds of tiny fairy lights thread through the bottles bringing Bertie the Sea Bass to life. He really was quite a magical sight to behold and fulfilled his role of drawing peoples’ attention to reducing single-use plastic.

We love Amroth and will ensure it’s a regular on our weekly jaunts.

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