Swallows & Amazon

Today has been a strange day and very much a day of waiting. Our patience has certainly been tested whilst we were on tenterhooks waiting for both swallows and Amazon. Nothing of course to do with Arthur Ransome but more our very young guests in the stable block and the well known delivery company.

We have had swallows in our stable nesting high up on the beam since Spring, with four adult birds dedicated to flying back and forth feeding their young. With demanding chirping one could not fail but hear them call for their meals which seemed to be constant throughout the day. However they have clearly grown in size and seem to be teetering on the edge of the nest ready to take the first few tentative steps before flight. It has been difficult to keep an eye so as not to miss this magical moment whilst being careful not to disturb them in their perseverance and confidence.

Whilst straining our eyes into the darkness, trying to stay quiet and still, there has been a string of deliveries from Amazon punctuating our vigil. Whilst it would be easy to criticize and curse the disturbance, we cannot as it is necessary items being delivered to allow renovations to continue. Interested in what we were doing perched on camp chairs near the door of the stables, we drew up a third chair, it also seems that Amazons are interested in swallows.The three of us watched with baited breath as the first fledgling took flight. We sat stock still as it bobbed across the stable locating the exit. Closely followed by the second, third and fourth bird we gazed admiringly (like new parents) at 'our swallow's' first flight. What a privilege to have witnessed it and shared it. We purposely didn't capture it on camera or film but the image of four little birds swooping and gliding remains firmly embedded in my mind. It really was an outdoor adventure of exploration today, one that would be fitting in any of Ransome's books!

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